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Vanishing Bees

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As you are no doubt aware, our bees are having a pretty hard time at the moment. According to Defra and the British Beekeepers Association we have seen a significant decline in the population of bee species around the world. In the UK we have lost 2 bumblebee species alone in the last 70 years. Whole colonies of honey bees are dying for no obvious reason.

Of course bees have massive benefits to us all. Not only are they the sound of summer but they are also key pollinators for a huge range of plants. Without bees to do the work it is likely that huge numbers of plant species would suffer and crops may fail. We are talking some serious consequences here.

And so I thought that you, dear reader,  would likely be as concerned as I am by the situation. If so, then please take the 10 seconds it will take you to sign a petition encouraging further research into the causes of the current crisis.

You can fill in your name here.

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