Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus)

The roe deer is arguably the most common and widespread deer in the UK with a shoulder height of 70-80 cms making it significantly larger than the Muntjac but also noticeably smaller than the red deer or fallow deer.


Typically brown in colour these deer may have small antler. The most noticeable aspects of the roe deers appearance to aid in identification is a very obvious black tip to the nose and a bright white rear. This white is seen flashing as deer race into the distance away from danger (i.e. you!).


Unlike the fallow deer, roe deer are typically found alone though at some points of the year one may find small groups. They may be found in most wooded areas and also in surrounding grassy areas such as fields and meadows. A stroll through rough pastureland at dawn or dusk gives you the best possible chance of seeing the species.


A wide variety of plant material is taken by roe deer including, but not limited to, fruits in Autumn, leaves, grass and even tree bark which can cause damage to trees in some extreme cases.

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