A Visit To The Sussex Wildlife Trust

The Sussex Wildlife Trust is based at Woods Mill Nature Trail which hosts not just the SWT offices but also a considerable amount of carefully-managed reserve. Whilst small in size, the reserve offers ample parking and a huge diversity of habitats including deciduous woodland, open pasture and aquatic and semi-aquatic environments thanks to the river … Read more

How To Tell A Primrose From A Cowslip

When primroses (Primula vulgaris) and cowslips (Primula veris) are in flower then telling the difference between these two spring flowers is the essence of simplicity. Whilst the primrose has classic open flowers, the clowslip has a number of smaller, bellshaped flowers attached to a stem held high above the plant. However when these two plants … Read more

Websites To Help You Identify British Butterflies

Whilst I love to see butterflies, I am far from an expert and so regularly find myself leafing through books and websites to learn more about a species I have seen recently. During my research I have come across a number of useful online resources for identifying British butterflies and their caterpillars and thought that … Read more

How To Identify Swallows, Swifts And House Martins

One of the perennial problems at this time of year is figuring out whether that bird that just flew overhead at the speed of light was a swallow, a swift or a house martin. But fortunately while these birds are all superficially similar, there are a range of differences between them that can make telling … Read more

Identifying British Deer

Britain has a rich number of different deer species which still astonishes me in such an “overcrowded” country with so few real wild places left but it seems many deer species are surviving alongside man without too many problems. There are generally believed to be 6 species of deer in Britain at present. They are: … Read more