How To Identify Stoats And Weasels

The mustelids are a group of mammals which in the UK include badgers, otters, polecats, stoats and weasels. Of these the greatest problems with identification seem to be how to tell a weasel from a stoat and so I thought a few pointers may come in useful. Fortunately once you know the differences between these … Read more

British Seals: How To Tell The Difference Between Common Seals And Grey Seals

Around our shore there are two commonly seen British seals – namely the Grey Seal and the Common Seal. While at first glance one seal may look very much like another when you know what you’re looking for these two species are actually surprisingly easy to tell apart. Whilst factors such as colouration, size and … Read more

Where To See Adders

Adders (or vipers) are the UK’s only venomous snake and whilst quite a degree of fear still surrounds them from people who picture deadly cobras hiding in their garden these snakes are generally shy and retiring. Indeed if adders were easy to find then we wouldn’t need an article like this – we’d all be … Read more

Celestron 52250 Spotting Scope Review

Whilst I appreciate the benefits of spotting scopes I have generally shied away from them because whilst I enjoy watching wildlife close up seeing serious birders carting around heavy and bulky scopes through the countryside just doesn’t look like much fun to me so instead I have generally relied on a decent pair of binoculars … Read more

Pentax 62216 Papilio Review

As a passionate “bug hunter” who spends considerable time during the better months of the year out looking for insects to observe I have often thought that a pair of binoculars capable of a very close focus would be useful. While spiders and so on can often be caught and observed under a magnifying glass, … Read more

Celestron 44104 Microscope Review

I have recently been looking around for a good quality microscope to help with a range of my nature studies and as part of this process I have been doing a tremendous amount of research from reading online reviews to testing out microscopes in person to try and find the perfect scope. To this end … Read more

The Difference Between Grasshoppers And Crickets

One of the perennial problems of naturalists is how to tell the difference between crickets and grasshoppers. Whilst superficially these two groups of insects seem almost identical with their long back legs, ability to jump long distances and habitat preferences when you actually “get your eye in” these two groups can be surprisingly easy to … Read more