Oxford Natural History Museum

Taking a visit to the Natural History Museum in London recently I must admit to being rather underwhelmed. The museum seems to be doing it’s best to attract children and encourage interaction with all sorts of “displays” but unfortunately for a naturalist like me I felt it was too far removed from what I really want from a natural history museum.

Fortunately a visit to Oxford Natural History Museum was far more what I was looking for. The beautiful Gothic architecture, and one of the most fascinating arrays of preserved specimens I have seen in a long time made for a fantastic day out.

I was particularly taken with the insect collections up on the mezzanine floor where hundreds of preserved butterflies, beetles and (one of my personal favourites) mantids were neatly and clearly displayed providing me with hours of pleasure (and hundreds of photos!).

If you’ve never visited the museum in Oxford then I would strongly recommend a visit whenever you get a chance – just avoid the school holidays for your own sake 😉

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