Fallow Deer (Cervus dama)

The fallow deer is, to many people, the “classic” deer and the model for Bambi. Seen as a typically British species often seen in and around deciduous woodland the species was infact introduced centuries ago to provide sport and meat.


The fallow deer is an average-sized deer being around a metre in height at the shoulder. Within the UK, fallow deer have characteristic antlers and typically a ginger/brown coat with white spots on. There are a number of different colour forms which are found though with some individuals being almost black.

Unlike many other British deer species, fallow deer often form loose groups ranging from two or three individuals up to dozens.


The typical habitat for fallow deer is deciduous woodland but they may also venture out onto grassy areas nearby such as parks or open fields. In the heat of the summer, groups may be found resting in the shade of a tree.


Falloe deer are herbivorous and eat a wide range of plants matter in the UK including grass, tree bark and young succulent leaves.

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