Dunnocks (Prunella modularis)

The dunnock (Prunella modularis) is a reasonably common bird in the UK though it’s shyness can mean fewer people see this species than perhaps could. Initially looking rather a drab grey and brown bird, a closer inspection reveals beautiful, subtle colouration.


The adult dunnock has a finely mottled brown body with a mainly grey head and while that doesn’t sound like the most interesting bird under the sun they are actually very neat looking birds. Once you have seen one for the first time this should be a reasonably easy bird to identify in the future.


The dunnock can be found among a range of different habitats though it’s shyness means it is likely to be seen most often in dense areas of plan growth such as woodland and hedges. The photo on this page was taken at a wetland nature reserve where the bird was spotted in amongst the reedbed.


The dunnock enjoys a mainly insectivorous diet of caterpillars, flying insects and so on.

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