Cuckoo Flowers And Sallow Catkins

Another sunny day, another nature walk and this time I was very taken by the cuckoo flowers (Cardamine pratensis) I found near a stream. Simple yet effective flowers and there was a veritable carpet of these soft violet blooms along the bank which really helped to add colour to the countryside.

On another note, I found a profusion of Sallow catkins (Salix), which is exciting for a number of reasons. First off, these catkins are just gorgeous! Look at just how dainty and sculptural they look. I was particularly taken by the way the sun shone on them making them look almost like they were glowing.

Lastly, Sallow is a great food plant for a number of British caterpillars so when you see these catkins it’s well worth remembering to come back and look a month or two later because you can have some nice surprises – like the enormous hawk moth caterpillar I found last Autumn on a sallow.

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