Comma And Small Tortoiseshell Spotted

I hope your weather is just as amazing as mine is right now. I took full advantage of it yesterday to go for a short nature walk and there was insect life everywhere. Whilst a few weeks ago I was excited to see my first bumblebee of the year, yesterday of course they were absolutely everywhere.

And I was also pleased to see a large number of butterflies. It always amuses me that the first butterfly of the year that I see always seems to be a Comma rather than the classic Brimstone. I managed to get a reasonable photo of him (or her!) though as you can see it was a pretty tatty specimen.

Compare that to a “normal” Comma and you’ll see what he *should* have looked like (top of post). Clearly the specimen I saw had been through the wars with various bits of it’s wings missing.

Here’s a snap of a lovely¬†Small Tortoiseshell¬†I also saw with those fantastic blue spots around the rear edge of the wing. I must have seen a dozen of these over just an hour or two but this was the one I managed to get closest to.

Strange to think that both these butterflies have probably overwintered here as adults, just as Brimstones do and a number of other early butterflies, and will soon start to lay the first clutches of eggs for the year. No wonder the Comma doesn’t look at his or her best after the weather we had this winter!

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