Celestron 44104 Microscope Review

Celestron 44104 reviewI have recently been looking around for a good quality microscope to help with a range of my nature studies and as part of this process I have been doing a tremendous amount of research from reading online reviews to testing out microscopes in person to try and find the perfect scope.

To this end I thought it might prove useful to you if I provided a Celestron 44104 microscope review as this is the microscope I have finally settled on at least in part because it seems that while the Celestron 44104 microscope was originally launched in 2003 it is still regarded as one of the best light microscopes around.

Consequently if you are currently considering purchasing a microscope then you could do a lot worse than to consider the 500x Power Advanced Biological Microscope. Here’s why…

Sturdy Construction

The most noticeable element of the Celestron 44104 at first glance is it’s solid and sturdy construction which should mean it has a long life. Also, should you be looking for a microscope as a gift for a child this means the 44104 should cope with a few knocks unlike many of the more cheaply-constructed microscopes currently on the market. Indeed, the Celestron 44104 is made entirely from metal which gives it a pleasant “professional” feel and I am sure I will have mine for many years to come.

High Range Of Magnifications

When it comes to biological microscopes there are a huge range of different magnifications which may prove of interest. For example one day I might want to look at skin cells and the next I might want to view the barbs of a feather close-up and these two different mediums mean that a decent light microscope really needs a good range of magnifications if you are not going to get frustrated with it. Quite simply it needs to have a diverse range of magnifications if you are going to get maximum use from it.

Fortunately this is one area where the Celestron 44104 wins hands-down over most of the other competing microscopes currently on the market. The 44104 has has two different eye-pieces – a 10x and a 12.5x magnification. In addition it comes with three different objective lenses of 4x, 10x and 40x magnification so when used in combination you have a range of between 40 times and 500 times magnification meaning it can deal with virtually any task you throw at it with ease.

Ease Of Use

The eyepiece of this microscope can move through a 60′ angle so that it is comfortable to look through no matter how tall you are or high high the surface on which you place the microscope so this enables long-term use without the risk of any discomfort to your neck from craning over an immovable eyepiece.

The “stage” onto which you place your microscope slides is fully movable both left-and-right and up-and-down thanks to two small knobs which can be gently twisted to move the slide around. This means you can get the best possible look at your slide without having to manually try and slide it around and this too makes for ease of use.

Many of the other user Celestron 44104 reviews I found backed this up with many other owners of this microscope mentioning how simple and enjoyable it is to use. To give just one example, a reviewer called J. Renne called the 44104 “good quality and easy to use” – I couldn’t agree more.

Quality Of Image

The most important factor of all when choosing a light microscope is really how good the image you’re going to see is. After all it doesn’t matter how much you pay for a microscope or how solidly it’s built if you on’t see fuzzy images when looking at specimens.

Celestron is of course a specialist in making high-quality optical equipment such as telescopes for astronomers so they have a lot of experience in this department and the 44104 microscope doesn’t disappoint.

The Celestron 44104 comes with fully-coated glass optics for a high quality and glare-free image and also offers a variable iris diaphragm to allow you to control the amount of light shone onto your slide enabling you to see every detail of the image you’re looking at. The 44104 also comes with a blue filter which can be useful when using low light intensities as it helps to produce a more natural-looking image and add more depth to what you can see. It also comes with five pre-prepared slides to set you going and these first samples are an excellent way to test out the controls of your microscope to get a proper grasp of just how powerful this piece of kit is.

In terms of a light source – essential for a light microscope – the 44104 has two options. It comes with both a strong mirror to reflect ambient light onto your slides and with an electric bulb to use in lower light meaning that you should be able to easily find the ideal intensity to view your slides in the detail they deserve.

Lastly in this Celestron 44104 review it is worth mentioning that this microscope has two dials for focus – both a coarse focus (to quickly get your slide into focus) and a fine focus (for gently zooming in and out and thus observing extra detail you might otherwise have missed) and many users have reported excellent results from the use of this “dual focus” element.

What Others Are Saying

This is a very popular microscope – and for good reason – so there are a number of Celestron 44104 reviews around however below are just a few comments I found during my own recent research:

“After returning several different styles of Celestron microscopes the Celestron 44104 500x Power Advanced Biological Microscope is a keeper. High quality and easy to use.”

“Good quality and easy to use… Will last forever.”

“It’s great value for the price.”

“This is a nice, sold microscope not a cheap toy.”

“The price is right and the images are of good quality.”

Another good source of information on the 44104 is Celestron’s own user manual for the microscope which you can view online for free at http://www.celestron.com/c3/images/files/downloads/1215621058_44100etcmanualm.pdf

How Much You Should Expect To Pay

A decent light microscope is of course never going to be a cheap investment but the Celestron 44104 is very reasonably priced for what you get. The current list price is just under $240 though bargains may be found online. Personally the best price I have found is at Amazon which, at the time of writing, is charging roughly half the list price.

Complaints About The Celestron 44104 Microscope?

Feedback on the 44104 is almost totally positive however the only small niggle that a few buyers have mentioned is that the bulb provided as a light source can get quite hot at times. Fortunately it seems Celestron have responded to this and the current model now comes with an LED light rather than an old-fashioned bulb which doesn’t get hot during extended use.

Where Can You Read More Reviews Of The Celestron 44104 Microscope?

A quick search in Google will turn up a range of extra Celestron 44104 reviews however possibly the best place to read reviews from people who actually use this microscope is on Amazon. Click here to read more reviews.

Where Can You Buy A Celestron 44104 Microscope?

The 44104 is available from a wide range of retailers both online and offline though possibly the best place at present to buy one is through Amazon due to their unbeatable price and free shipping. Click here to visit Amazon now.

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