Where To See Adders

Adders (or vipers) are the UK’s only venomous snake and whilst quite a degree of fear still surrounds them from people who picture deadly cobras hiding in their garden these snakes are generally shy and retiring. Indeed if adders were easy to find then we wouldn’t need an article like this – we’d all be … Read more

The Difference Between Grasshoppers And Crickets

One of the perennial problems of naturalists is how to tell the difference between crickets and grasshoppers. Whilst superficially these two groups of insects seem almost identical with their long back legs, ability to jump long distances and habitat preferences when you actually “get your eye in” these two groups can be surprisingly easy to … Read more

Websites To Help You Identify British Butterflies

Whilst I love to see butterflies, I am far from an expert and so regularly find myself leafing through books and websites to learn more about a species I have seen recently. During my research I have come across a number of useful online resources for identifying British butterflies and their caterpillars and thought that … Read more

British Wildflowers To See In April

Despite the dreadful weather forecast for the Easter weekend I’m pleased to say that I managed to get out on Easter Sunday and whilst there was a lot of cloud I managed to avoid getting wet. Signs of spring were everywhere. The streets around where I live are alive with cherry blossom turning the gutters … Read more