6 Top Tips To See More Wildlife

If you’re like me then you spend a fair amount of time out in the countryside on “nature walks” simply looking for interesting plants and animals in their natural environment. However in discussions with a number of friends recently it seems that many people are somewhat disappointed by the “lack” of wildlife when they actually … Read more

Websites To Help You Identify British Butterflies

Whilst I love to see butterflies, I am far from an expert and so regularly find myself leafing through books and websites to learn more about a species I have seen recently. During my research I have come across a number of useful online resources for identifying British butterflies and their caterpillars and thought that … Read more

Identifying British Deer

Britain has a rich number of different deer species which still astonishes me in such an “overcrowded” country with so few real wild places left but it seems many deer species are surviving alongside man without too many problems. There are generally believed to be 6 species of deer in Britain at present. They are: … Read more

British Wildflowers To See In April

Despite the dreadful weather forecast for the Easter weekend I’m pleased to say that I managed to get out on Easter Sunday and whilst there was a lot of cloud I managed to avoid getting wet. Signs of spring were everywhere. The streets around where I live are alive with cherry blossom turning the gutters … Read more