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22 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

International Dawn Chorus Day 2nd May 2010

Robin Redbreast - Lincoln Inn Fields Park - Holborn, London, England - Thursday December Thirteenth 2007.
Creative Commons License photo credit: law_keven

I love waking up at this time of year to the sounds of the birds singing. Don’t ask me why but I woke up at 5.30am recently and sat outside for half an hour just listening to all the birds. Whilst they’re incredibly common birds, I have to admit that I rate the robin and blackbird songs as two of my favourites – both fruity and melodic.

And so it is with great pleasure that I wanted to draw your attention to International Dawn Chorus Day which is on May 2nd this year.

There are a whole host of events planned so why not find out what’s happening in your local area and get involved in a dawn chorus event?

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19 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

National Cherry Blossom Festival In DC


Today I’m proud to bring you a short guest post by Erik Braunitzer of the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, who wants to draw attention to The National Cherry Blossom Festival. Here’s what Erik had to say…

The Cherry Blossom in DC is home to The National Cherry Blossom Festival. The festival is a two-week, annual event that celebrates springtime in Washington, DC as well as the 1912 gift of the cherry blossom trees and the long lasting friendship between the people of the United States and Japan. The event begins March 27th through April 11th, with a parade on Saturday, April 10th beginning at 10am.

Prior to this intangible peace treaty, 19th century imperialism drew clear lines of separation between these two great nations. Through it’s strict policy of isolation, Japan remained untouched by western ways until the  Treaty of Amity (1854). Although, feelings of mistrust and resentment continued to ride due to early U.S. Naval Leaders gunboat diplomacy upon Japan. In order to lessen tensions and restore peace, mutual Cherry and Flowering Dogwood tree offerings were given.

DC Attractions include multiple festivals, museums, monuments, and more.  The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) organization that coordinates, produces, and supports creative and diverse activities promoting traditional and contemporary arts and culture, natural beauty and the environment, and community spirit and youth education. It’s also begins peak season for an influx of tourists to Washington, also brought in by the thousands of historical landmarks, museums, and other buildings. Some of the most popular DC Tours include Hop-On-Off Double-Decker Bus, Discover DC Segway Safari, Mount Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, and Washington DC After Dark.

The National Museum of Crime & Punishment, located in Washington, D.C. contains excellent depictions of historically famous crime scenes along detailed information concerning past wars, forensics, organized crime, and more. Feel free to stop by our website and get a preview of some of the most notoriously famous crime scenes in U.S. History.

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05 April 2010 ~ 0 Comments

How To Take Part In UK Wildlife Surveys

Happy Furry Friday Everybody...:O)))
Creative Commons License photo credit: law_keven

If you’re a wildlife fanatic and spend some of your time in the great outdoors enjoying all the plants and animals it has to offer, were you aware that your activities could be put to excellent use by a range of scientists? Many biologists rely on the observations of people like you and me to help them understand the conservation of Britains nature.

The following list, while not exhaustive, lists a huge number of wildlife surveys you can get involved with if you have the interest. Please feel free to add any that we have omitted in the comments section at the end. Lastly, as always I have tried to link to the specific page that relates to the survey rather than the homepage of the various organizations to try and make your research just that little bit more speedy.

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28 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

British Summertime Starts Tonight

Just a quick reminder that the clocks change tonight (28th March 2010). Move your clocks forward an hour to get yourself to British Summertime.

The downside of this is one less hour in bed tonight (boo!). The upside is that what used to be 5pm, is now 6pm. Which means an extra hour of light in the evenings giving you the chance to see far more wildlife – even if it’s only a quick walk after work.


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04 March 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Forthcoming Entomological (And Arachnological) Shows For 2010

Creative Commons License photo credit: Furryscaly

For anyone who loves the world of creepy crawlies (and yes, that includes me) you might be interested to know about a few British shows which are going to be held this year. These are typically great places to meet other invertebrate fans and possibly to invest in some new critters – whether we are talking livestock or preserved specimens.

Please be aware if you have never been to a show a few useful pointers:

1) The queues can be huge at the start so if you want the best bargains aim to arrive an hour or so early to stand a chance of getting them

2) You are generally expected to pay an entry fee of a few pounds so have this ready

3) If you’re not bothered about bargains and just want to be nosey, try arriving in the afternoon when much of the mayhem will have died down

4) As these tend to be held on Sundays, in schools and leisure centres, bring some cash if you think you might be making a purchase. Going to find a cash point in a hurry before that specimen sells or hoping to pay by credit card can be very frustrating indeed!

5) Lastly, prepare for what are, to me, some of the best days out of the year. Honestly – they’re brilliant!

Kettering/Newark Entomological Fair 2010

The Kettering show has always been my personal favourite but unfortunately will not be going ahead this year due to restrictions on the normal venue. However it is being combined with the Newark fair this year. This way the show should be *huge* andwill be held at around the normal time of year for Kettering.

The show is being held on 11th April 2010 at the Grove Leisure Centre, London Road, Balderton, Newark-On-Trent, NG24 4EY. Doors open at 11am and close again at 4pm.

British Tarantula Society Show 2010

Tarantula breeders from across the world (literally) landfor what is the biggest tarantula-related show of the year. Whilst you will find some spiders at the other entomological shows listed here, this is the real big one for the arachnophiliac.

The show will be held on 23rd May 2010 at The Coseley School, Henne Drive, Coseley, West Midlands, WV14 9JW. Doors open at 11am and close again at 4pm.

AES (Kempton Park) Exhibition 2010

More than just a place to buy and sell invertebrates, the AES show is arguably the largest and most diverse collection of invert lovers from across the country.

As always, the show will be held at Kempton Park Race Course and the date for your diary is 2nd October 2010.

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27 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Forthcoming UK Wildlife Events For 2010

Moth Caterpillar - Cerura vinula
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lukjonis

If you’re anything like me then actually getting outside with likeminded individuals is just about the best way to spend the day. Whether you’re going out with an expert learning to identify birds or you’re doing your bit with a wildlife survey these events can be some of the most rewarding days out possible.

So I thought with this in mind I would mention a few forthcoming wildlife and nature events for 2010 so you can find out more about them and get involved wherever possible.

27th March 2010 – Earth Hour

WWF are once again asking us all to illustrate just how important we feel climate change is to help put pressure on politicians to make a difference. At 8.30pm GMT on March 27th WWF are hoping for a billion people to switch off their lights for an hour. Click here to find out more.

15th May 2010 – National Moth Night

A celebration of moths in which you are invited to carry out a moth count of your own or join an organized event where you can learn more about moths and help to further out understanding of their distribution across the UK. Click here to find out more.

21st-27th June 2010 – National Insect Week 

Organized by the Royal Entomological Society, this is a national celebration of insects and their importance in the web of life. Click here to find out more.

28th-29th August 2010 – European Bat Weekend

Get closer to bats with this special annual event organized by the Bat Conservation Trust. Click here to learn more.

Lastly, please be aware that the British Wildlife Trusts arrange a huge number of events throughout the year and across the country. You can find their detailed listings of events here.

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