A Visit To The Sussex Wildlife Trust

The Sussex Wildlife Trust is based at Woods Mill Nature Trail which hosts not just the SWT offices but also a considerable amount of carefully-managed reserve. Whilst small in size, the reserve offers ample parking and a huge diversity of habitats including deciduous woodland, open pasture and aquatic and semi-aquatic environments thanks to the river … Read more

Butterfly Conservation Needs Your Help

I just received a flyer from Butterfly Conservation (of which I am a member) with some pretty stark news. Butterfly Conservation runs the largest butterfly recording scheme in the world – a project that is essential for conservation monitoring. Unfortunately it seems that Butterfly Conservation, like so many other charities, has been severely hit by … Read more

How To Take Part In UK Wildlife Surveys

If you’re a wildlife fanatic and spend some of your time in the great outdoors enjoying all the plants and animals it has to offer, were you aware that your activities could be put to excellent use by a range of scientists? Many biologists rely on the observations of people like you and me to … Read more

16 Environmental And Conservation Charities You Should Join

If you’re like me and you don’t just want to enjoy wildlife passively but you actually want to “do your bit” and donate some money to environmental and conservation causes then you can do a lot worse than to join one or more charities. Many of these charities do amazing work from managing habitats to … Read more