About Me

Richard Adams

Hi there and thanks for stopping by.

My name is Richard Adams and it’s my pleasure to be able to bring you this site today.

Nature, natural history, wildlife; whatever you want to call it, this is my passion. I have a degree in zoology from Aberystwyth University and have been studying animals as a naturalist ever since childhood.

Even to this day, whenever I have some free time I can be found out in the countryside with my camera and binoculars.

The aim of this site is to share some of the passion that I have for the nature of this planet. Whether it’s a walk in my local woods or a wildlife trek halfway round the world I will be talking about my own experiences and, I hope, meeting other equally passionate people along the way.

So now you’re here, please take the time to get involved by leaving your comments and becoming my friend on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Flickr.

I look forward to meeting you.

All the best,