A Visit To Fulking Hill

Ah, one of those classic British place-names to put a smile on the face! I recently took a stroll to Faulking Hill in East Sussex to take a look at the scenes and wildlife on the chalk downloads found there.

Whilst the sun was out, the wild was howling across the open hillsides and so while there were some amazing views, wildlife was few and far between. Up on the exposed hillside there is little plant cover at all so while crows and magpies were seen on every hillside, there wasn’t a huge amount to see.

Fortunately later in my walk I wondered through a farm which *did* have far more plant cover and it was at that point that I started to see quite a bit of wildlife.

Firstly a fox cub appeared no more than 15-20 feet away from me, and much to my surprise as I scrambled for my camera, didn’t seem overly worried by me. Whether he was used to seeing farm workers or was desperate for food I’m not sure but he stayed around long enough for me to get a few photos of him. What a beautiful creature.

However the guinea fowl in the next field along didn’t seem to pleased to see him as they squawked non-stop at the top of their lungs!

Secondly I was lucky enough to see a young house mouse dashing along the side of a farm building and he stopped long enough for me to creep up and get a few snaps of him in the grass by the wall.

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3 thoughts on “A Visit To Fulking Hill

  1. Hi Richard
    I have just come back from a visit with my family who live in Steyning, West Sussex. I was up at Devils Dyke looking down on Fulking. Lovely area. Love the Shepherd and Dog pub with the old spring coming down from the Downs at the back. Not the same as it was when I was a child, but I have those memories stored away.
    Anyway, I was looking for pictures of toads as we found a huge and handsome specimen under a garden hut that was being demolished in my parents back garden and I came across your site. :o)

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