Where Do You Find Stag Beetles?

I was lucky enough to spend Midsummer’s Night this year in the depths of rural France. Tucked away between La Rochelle in the north, and Cognac in the south, our little villa sat in a small village surrounded by farmers fields and ancient woodland. Unsurprisingly, there was wildlife aplenty. However it was that one hot … Read more

6 Top Tips To See More Wildlife

If you’re like me then you spend a fair amount of time out in the countryside on “nature walks” simply looking for interesting plants and animals in their natural environment. However in discussions with a number of friends recently it seems that many people are somewhat disappointed by the “lack” of wildlife when they actually … Read more

Who Bothers Hawaii?

Hawaii archipelago is one of those lands suffering not only from human activity, but from alien species as well. For many centuries there were no predators or invasive species that could threat to conventional livelihood of Hawaiian ecosystem. Long before European settlers, there were only two mammal species distributed over the islands – hoary bats, apparently brought by … Read more

How To Tell The Different Between Slow Worms And Snakes

Something long and thin wriggles past you in the countryside. The knee-jerk response may be that you’ve just seen a snake but how can you be certain that what you’ve seen isn’t a slow worm instead? Let’s take a closer look at slow worms and the different species of snake present in the UK to … Read more

Madagascar: Life At An Evolutionary Tangent

Cast adrift in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has been separated from other landmasses for longer than any other island on earth. For tens of millions of years evolution has played here in virtual isolation, heading off at a different tangent to the rest of the world. This lengthy geographical separation is key to the otherworldliness … Read more